Hi! Welcome to the home of ISLA GIRL. My name is Elaine Zito and I am obsessed with dreaming and planning for the life I want to live. I love the beach, warm weather, bright colors, and anything tropical. In the winter months you can find me in Naples, Florida and in the Summer I'm in Virginia Beach, Virginia. ISLA GIRL came from my love of living the island lifestyle and always searching for my own version of paradise.


My goal is to share how you too can create the life you truly want to live. Whether you've just graduated, are moving, getting married, or just want to feel like you're not alone on this journey of finding who you are, this blog is for you. My "why" is to relate and help others through figuring out what it is that they want and how to get it. My goal is for you to create your own life by design and live in your version of paradise.