• Elaine Zito

2019 Year in Review

When I think about 2019, nothing jumps out as notable or too exciting. This year flew by and it seemed filled with work and productiveness. I guess in life, not every year has to be known for something big. Nonetheless, here's what my 2019 looked like:

1. We celebrated three years married. This year has probably been the best. We are more on the same page, fight less, and have a better handle on the whole marriage thing. Next up, kids...in about two years or so.

2. We worked harder than ever before to reach a monetary goal that has yet to come into fruition. That goal is to buy a house on the water in Florida; the one we bring babies home to, and create memories for the next 20 years in. We have yet to achieve it, but have set ourselves up to do so. Good things take time, and that's one of the hardest parts about adulthood. We worked our tails off in the summer for something that might not happen until fall of 2020 or even later. But hey, at least we know we can do more and be more, if we have the right motivation.

3. I figured out my passion/hobby, which is this blog. I had a goal that I set last new year to find something better to do with my time than watching tv and scrolling social media. I successfully achieved that, and launched The Isla Girl in July. I have really enjoyed the writing and creativity, as well as the challenges it brings. I also made my first dollar from it in November. While I know it will be a slow growth, I'm excited to continue pursuing it as a full time career.

4. We sold our boat! This deserves an exclamation point because every boat owner knows the two best days in their life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it. After having it on the market for over two years, it finally sold. We said goodbye to our first home we shared, but couldn't be happier to have one less thing to worry about.

5. We went to Jamaica and treated ourselves after a summer of hard work. One of our favorite things to do is to travel. Jamaica ranks second on our favorite places we have been, Aruba is still in first based on accessibility and food. But, overall it has some of the prettiest water and lush plant life.

6. We finished renovating our house in Florida. After having lived here for four winters, we finally completed a full renovation and will be putting it on the market this spring. From the floors to the walls to the light fixtures and layout, we did it all. Our first fixer upper is done and we are ready for the next one, but in a single family home. (Yay for no more shared walls) Renovations and investing in properties will continue to be our exit strategy out of the restaurant industry. Until then, we will enjoy the lifestyle of being seasonal and saving up as much money as we can, before kids arrive.

7. Allyn started a new job. While he is still in the restaurant industry, he moved over to the Marriott on Marco Island, which is one of the best Marriots in the world. This job could bring year around wealth which could lead us to staying in Florida full time. This was always the plan, but it could be expedited, which excites me (because kids). So, we will see what kind of business it brings and if this is the career that can take us to the next step.

All in all, 2019 was pretty successful with growth that is not so much seen, but building for the future. I am stoked to see all of our hard work this year come into fruition next year. 2019 was a big step, but 2020 will be even grander. We're just getting started.

xoxo, Isla Girl