• Elaine Zito

Clean and Fresh Skincare/Makeup Routine

When it comes to beauty, I am more focused on skincare than makeup. I believe in a fresh, natural look that is low maintenance and great for my skin. I have found a routine that gives me clear, beautiful skin and leaves it soft and glowing.

First, I only wash my face in the shower, and once a day. I definitely believe over washing is a negative thing, and think that some of the natural oils are good. To start, I use Cetaphil to remove my makeup. It is gentle but cleanses well. Then, I use the Tula purifying face cleanser with an exfoliating pad for a deeper clean. I love the Tula line for a few reasons; the face wash smells amazing, all of their products are made with probiotics, and they leave my face so balanced and refreshed. I truly feel like my skin has never looked or felt better.

Once I get out of the shower, I use the Tula acne clearing and tone correcting gel. It not only keeps the pimples at bay, but creates an even skin tone. If you don't struggle with acne, they have a pro-glycolic resurfacing toner. Next, I apply the dew your thing oil free gel cream. This moisturizer is like a glass of water for your pores. But, it's light and does not leave a greasy or heavy sheen.

The next portion of my daily routine is to apply my makeup. I have been using Charlotte Tilbury's tinted moisturizer for over a year now. It is SO good. It creates a pore-less, even skin tone with a summer glow. For me, this works all year because I follow the sun and warm weather. Then I use Bare Minerals medium beige powder, the rose radiance blush, and mineral veil for a soft look. Finally, I apply the Tula rose glow and get it stick under my eyes for brightening and a bit of shine. This stick leaves a cooling sensation and really finalizes my "fresh and clean" look.

If I'm feeling extra frisky I will throw on L'oreal's voluminous lash paradise mascara. It is cheap but applies like an expensive brand (some compare to the Better than Sex brand). You can get it at any drug/grocery store.

I have been doing this routine for over a year and truly believe in all of the products I use. If your'e looking for a gentle, all natural and clean face routine, I hope you can find something good from my reviews.