• Elaine Zito

How to Figure Out Your Purpose in Life

Whether you’re 25 and figuring out who you are, have jumped on the fad of self improvement books, or are just bored with your free time, this blog post is for you. 

We all want to find our purpose in life and figure out exactly what our impression on this world will be. Working towards a goal, passion, or hobby is pretty much what people do when they’re not sleeping, eating or making a living. There’s so many books out there about how to reach a goal and achieve this dream and that life, but what if you don’t even know what your passion, hobby or thing you want to pursue is?

Here are five things I did over the past three years that helped me figure out my passion which led to this blog, and essentially, this post. 

1. Read: it opens up your imagination 

- I used to hate reading. It's a requirement in school and a necessity in college. Therefore, when it came to reading for pleasure, I was not interested. But now that I have been out of college for a couple of years, I started picking up books again. And they truly do something for you that tv cannot. Books spark your imagination and get you thinking about things you normally wouldn't. I know this may seem broad and far fetched, but trust me, reading can only do good things for your mind and spirit. It can open up your brain to ideas you may otherwise not come across. Books can also give you life lessons and advice to help guide you through tough times. If you feel blocked and bored, try picking up a book and see where it takes you.

2. Try new things: you never know what you might be good at 

-On my journey to figuring out what I was passionate about, I tried plenty of things. If you ask my husband, he will tell you I always have some new crazy idea or project in my head. I've tried designing a planner, calligraphy, decorating our home a million different ways, gardening, and thinking of new ways to make money. While these were all fun to experience, all of them were a bust. But they were a learning lesson and led me to where I am today. I love to write, share my stories and relate to others. I like to think that this encompasses all of the things I'm passionate about and I definitely appreciate the journey it took me to get here. So its ok if you try things and fail, or don't like it. It takes time to find something worth doing.

3. Listen to what your heart and mind is telling you: what’s that one thing that you keep coming back to or think about doing?

- As corny as this may sound, usually everyone has something on their mind or heart that they keep coming back to. Something that you think could maybe happen one day, but now now. Or something that you dream of but can't tangibly figure out how to do. It's important to take note of what that is. Theres a reason it keeps popping up in your life. If you truly listen to your soul, it could lead you to right where you were meant to be. For me, this looked like a platform to relate and sympathize with others while being a leader and positive influence at the same time. My strong suit is my empathy and I am brave enough to share my stories. I also love creative design and aesthetically pleasing content. Tie this all into a lifestyle blog and you have my true passion.

4. Try doing what your role models or inspirations are doing: there’s a reason you look up to them

-My personal role models include Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Hollis, and Jenna Kutcher. One thing all of these women have in common is that they are entrepreneurs. They are strong and confident and believe they can take on whatever they set their minds to. I take all of the knowledge they put out into the world and specialize it to my talents and interests. And while i'm not trying to be an actress, an author, or a photographer, I am trying to be an independent goal getter, boss babe, and business owner with the ability to live the life I truly want.

5. Do what makes you feel good and happy inside

-It's ok if your goal is to knit baby blankets. Or bake cakes. Or follow football so closely that you win in the fantasy leagues (my husband). Your dreams or passions don't have to be worldly. They can be small and equally as important. What matters is that you're spending your precious hours on this earth doing what you love. If you feel good about how your time is spent and it makes you truly happy inside, then go for it (unless you're a psychopath and have twisted thoughts...don't go for that). No goal is too small or too big.

It’s ok to try a bunch of different things. It’s ok to admit you don’t like something you attempted. The goal is to find something that sparks your excitement, and leaves you wanting more of that thing. It may take years. It may bring tears and frustration. But if you consistently pursue your greater purpose, you will find it. I hope this helps someone out there that doesn't quite know what they want to reach for. All that matters is you do want more. You have more to give and you know at the bottom of your heart, you're not done yet.

xoxo, the Isla Girl