• Elaine Zito

Isla Girl: Life by Design for an Island State of Mind

For years I have been searching for a passion project that inspires me to help others while doing something I love. My journey of figuring out what that would be has led me down multiple paths, but keeps coming back to this platform. I've dabbled in blogging in the past but never knew exactly what I wanted my message to be. While trying to figure out what i'm passionate about, I realized a few things; I love taking risks, experiencing new things, staying organized and planned, working on myself and my dreams, and wearing a cute dress while doing it. But my favorite part is getting to share my secrets and tips with others. I like to pioneer the unknown and then tell people how they can do it too.

After figuring out my goal, I had to differentiate what set me apart from all of the other bloggers out there today. I finally realized my one "gift" that could be used for good, and applies to all aspects of life, is my ability to be brave enough to share whatever people want or need to know. I am a very passionate, sympathizing person who will do anything to make someone feel more comfortable. I enjoy making people feel good about themselves and their lives. So what better way to try and relate to others then share my experiences, knowledge, advice and encouragement to whoever it may be helpful to. And I'm not claiming to be an expert on anything, but I have lived quite the life enduring many experiences that most 20 somethings have yet to go through. If you want to know exactly what mountains i've overcome and how to achieve progression in your life too, then stick around to see Isla Girl unfold. And maybe you'll find some hope or inspiration to design your life to be your paradise.

xoxo, Isla Girl