• Elaine Zito

My Biggest Strength Is Also My Biggest Weakness

Throughout my life I have always been a very open and honest person. I am not afraid of my truths and actually find it rewarding to speak them out loud. But, sharing too much is definitely a concern that has been on my radar lately.

If you know my husband personally, you know he hates social media. I think the last time he was on Facebook was when we got engaged back in 2015. He doesn't use it, think about it, or care for it. He actually despises it sometimes when it affects me and how much time I spend on it/ can be persuaded by it. But mostly he just doesn't want his personal business on the internet. I totally respect and can understand his opinion. However, if you know me personally, you know I have a hard time doing this.

Whether it's in person, over text, on an Instagram post, or in a blog, I don't hold much back. And what I do hold back is only in concern for Allyn. I love to share my trials and triumphs with other people for one main reason; making them feel better about themselves. I believe if I am vulnerable and relatable, other people will see that their issues are normal too. I am super passionate about making others feel comfortable, even if it means making myself look awkward. I truly don't care about being embarrassed because I know that nothing in my life or yours hasn't been experienced before. We all go through hard, embarrassing, depressing, and confusing moments. I'm not ashamed of them because it's just a part of life that excludes no one.

I know that sharing too much can be an issue of safety and privacy. I should be more careful (especially in person) when speaking about finances, marital issues, and other private matters. But how do I fulfill my purpose of helping others through being accessible while not crossing a line?

I have come up with five questions to ask myself before speaking/posting about something personal:

1. Will Allyn be upset by this?

2. Is what I am about to say/write helpful to someone or am I just getting it off my chest? (Just write it in a journal then)

3. How will this help someone out there?

4. Is this info something that they would share in return with me or not?

5. Can I make this topic more vague or use a fake example over my own?

Hopefully these prompts will hold me responsible in being more careful of what I share.

Regardless, I believe having the strength to open up is so powerful, and one that most people don't acquire. So, I will continue to use what I perceive as my greatest gift, and utilize it more cautiously so it becomes less of a weakness.