• Elaine Zito

Quarantine Schedule

I don't know about y'all, but after a few weeks of laying on the couch, aimlessly watching Tik Tok videos (they draw you in), and drinking because holy crap the world is a big ball of stress, I got tired of feeling unmotivated and bored.

I'm starting week four of unemployment and stay at home life. This is my new normal for the foreseeable future. If I continued on the path I was headed towards, I would gain so much weight, become depressed from the lack of structure, and be close to becoming an alcoholic (lol, well maybe not to that extreme, but I was having 2-3 drinks a night). The point is, I didn't feel good about myself or habits. So, I decided to come up with a solution.

While thinking about how other people are getting through this pandemic, I remembered that the adults with kids had to manage to keep them entertained and somewhat occupied. The biggest thing I have been seeing from parents who are so far somewhat successful, has been creating a visual schedule for the kids. I thought to myself, well why can't I have a schedule? I'm not as disciplined everyday as I would like to be. Yes, some days I'm motivated and productive, but then there's days like yesterday where all I did was eat, watch tv, play on my phone, repeat. And yes its ok to do that once in awhile, but it just left me with so much anxiety and stress because I had no purpose or direction. (I'm not very good at pulling myself out of the hole I put myself in)

So, I got up this morning and decided to make a daily schedule to follow Monday-Friday. This way, I have some sort of routine and plan to follow, which will fuel my motivation and happiness. Some days it might not be stuck to a T, because life happens and we go on spontaneous drives, walks around the neighborhood, or get into a game of pool, but it's there for when I just can't pull myself out of a funk.

A few actions I made sure to include to improve my daily life are:

-scheduling to drink water so I reach half my body weight in oz a day

-flossing, because I'm so bad at it


-getting ready for the day, getting out of my pjs to feel good

-brushing my teeth at 9 pm so I don't eat junk food late at night

Hopefully with this accountability of a written schedule, and me being a perfectionist and feeling like I have to check off the list each day, my life during quarantine will improve drasticly. My goal is to feel happier, more energized, motivated, and productive.

xoxo, Isla Girl