• Elaine Zito

The Free Tool That Changed My Life

In 2017 I began going to therapy. I had anxiety and felt trapped in my own head. I was letting past circumstances control my emotions and I couldn't trust myself or my judgement. Not only did I lack confidence, I lacked the ability to pull myself out of the hole I was in.

During one of the first sessions, the therapist taught me a tool to use when I started feeling out of control. This tool is useful to calm you down and regain your focus. While it did just that, it also led me to insightful personal details I had not yet discovered about myself.

This technique is called 'Your Happy Place'.

Close your eyes and start envisioning in perfect detail somewhere that will make you feel happy, calm, and serene.

Write out

-what it physically looks like

-where it is

-how you feel when you’re there

-what you do

-what you see

-how it smells

Get so detailed that you paint a picture in your head of you living your perfect day.

When you feel stressed or anxious, you can go to your happy place.

It can also be the foundation for your goals and who you want to become. Because now you have described what your dream like looks like.

Mine was the start of Isla Girl before I even knew who I was or what I wanted. A bungalow on the Caribbean waters with a dock, lots of palm trees, hibiscus flowers, breeze blowing the curtains with doors and windows open and the smell of the salt air. This vision calms me. This vision excites me. It motivates me to achieve my dream.

What’s yours?