• Elaine Zito

Things My Husband and I Don't Share

Marriages are all different. Some people share bank accounts, others don't. Some people take on their spouses debt when they get married, some don't. Most of marriage IS about sharing; sharing your dreams, experiences, troubles, and happiness. But, I thought it would be fun to look at what things can be kept separate in a marriage to alleviate some of those fights. So on a bit of a lighter note, here are five things my husband and I actually don't share:

1. Toothpaste: Why you ask? Because he gets mad that I don't squeeze from the back of the tube (you're either agreeing with me or scouring at me lol). So in solution to any silly argument, we buy two toothpastes and keep them separate. Situation overted.

2. Blankets: Allyn and I don't sleep with a sheet for one reason, he claims I would do the ol' tuck and roll in the middle of the night and steal all of the covers. Every relationship has a cover stealer. (You know who you are). So, we decided to get our own separate blankets to sleep with. Yes, we still cuddle, we just have our own covers to reside to in the middle of the night.

3. Phone Chargers: Kind of like chapstick, phone chargers always seem to go missing. Something so important is sometimes so hard to come by. So after multiple times of stealing the phone charger from the outlet it was last plugged into, we decided to have our own designated chargers. Mine stays plugged in next to my nightstand, and his usually resides near the couch. Neither are allowed to be moved from that place (unless we move it ourselves), because you know how annoying it is to go plug in your phone and the charger not be where you expect it! lol

4. Our past dating life: While we have discussed important things when they come up in regards to why we are who we are, we don't go into the people (or how many) we have dated. We've always just had the mentality to move forward and leave the past in the past. Some people may find this weird, but it has worked for us.

5. Our spending money: If you've read my post on budgeting, you know Allyn and I designate a certain amount of spending money each month. We both get the same amount and can use it however we want. If we want to go on vacation, we just use our normal account but when it comes to me shopping and him buying gadgets, we separate that money. It resolves all fights in regards to who spends more and if the person thinks the purchase is stupid. No judgements because it is untouchable.

So, whether you could relate to some of these or not, I would love to know what you and your significant other keep separate to make life a little easier. Because we all know sometimes sharing (even as adults) can be hard ;)