• Elaine Zito

Why I Started a Blog in a Saturated Blogging World

Now more than ever, everyone wants to be an influencer. It is getting more competitive to gain followers, brand deals, and make money. Despite the scariness of it all, here's why I've jumped in.

I have always loved to write. I also enjoy creating content and designing whatever I can get my hands on. I finally found a way to incorporate all of that while spreading my love and passion for creating my dream lifestyle. My reason "why" will always be to share with others how to navigate their life to be their own paradise. I'm motivated by that, greater than any money or job opportunity. But, it would be pretty awesome to take what I love, and turn it into a career that allows me to stay home with my future children. I would love to grow my following to inspire and help other young women (and maybe some men) figure out what they want and how they can achieve it. So, it may seem crazy to think I can break into the over saturated market, but I would never know if I didn't try, right? At the end of the day, I'm doing what I love, and leaving a memoir of my life for others to see. Whether I end up impacting 1 person or 1,000 people, I will have reached my goal.

My biggest lesson for anyone who has ever wanted to try something that seems over populated (MLM, influencer marketing, etc.) is to find a reason "why" that is bigger than any fear. I've had opportunities to jump on the Rodan and Fields team, LulaRoe, and more. Nothing inspired me enough to push past the fear of succeeding as a small fish in a big sea. Find a bigger purpose or passion, and that's how you will know to jump in with no regrets.

There's something out there for everyone, just keep searching, and you'll find your "niche".

xoxo, Isla Girl